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I'm using thunderbird 52.9.1 and lightning 5.4 in Ubuntu 14.04.
I have used the provider for google calendar plugin 4.4.1 to gain access to a google calendar. It seems to have linked and synced OK :).
The issue I have is that if I create an event in the google calendar using lightning which has invited participants, the participants don't get emails inviting them. I'm not sure whether this is the expected behaviour or not?
Is there a way I can get invites sent out to people for events added by the lightning plugin? (if I set up an invite using google web access to a new event, it asks to send invites and works OK).
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I am on Windows and haven't had the problem. There are a few parameters that can be configured both on the web platform ( and in Lightning configuration as well.

I would invite you to visit the Provider's wiki at ... Manager.3F

(See the last item and read the warning –> I never had any issue with "email invitations" set at true.)

To get the configuration editor they are talking about, do the following.
– In Thunderbird, press ALT to display full menus
– Select Tools –> Options; click on Advanced –> General.
– Click on "Config Editor" button at the bottom right.
– In the search box, enter ""
– If you see " — false", right-click and select "inverse" to flip to true.
– If you don't see that line, right-click in an empty space and select New –> Boolean value.
. Enter the chain "", then select value : False.
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Thank you very much for your reply.

I had actually got the invites to work by not using the provider for google plugin but using calDAV instead. Details of how to use calDAV for anyone interested:
Gives the link to use as ... lid/events where calid is the calendar id given in google calendar under settings. It is your full email address for the default calendar e.g.

However, I really appreciate your explanation of a possible "fix" or in fact, how to correctly configure the plugin to email invites (I wasn't aware that there were plugin specific configuration settings).
I removed all my calendars and retried using the plugin, and setting the config "" to true.
(In linux the configuration menu is found edit-preferences-advanced-general-configuration editor.)
It worked, so I can confirm the information you provided correctly configured the provider for google plugin and now I can add an event with attendees and an email is sent to the attendees inviting them etc. Perfect :).

thanks again for your help,

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