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I found this info regarding Thunderbird 91 and calendars.

> Uninstall TBSynch and Provider for Google Calendar, as you don't need them to access Google Calendars in Thunderbird in 91+
> Unsubscribe from your existing calendars in Thunderbird then use the + button in the left-hand pane to add them back, choosing the "On the Network" option and using the Gmail address(es) and passwords to discover the calendars.

> under Google account setting, create an app-password with access to your calendars. Then in TB, add a calendar with your Google username and a location like, where ____ is your email address, or the group address of the calendar you wish to add (in Google Calendar, check the calendar settings for the one you wish to add, in case it is someone else's shared with you). Use the app-pw in the pw-prompt and presto.

I have no idea if this works. I just wanted someone else to look at it and let me know if this makes sense. Why doesn't Thunderbird step you through this stuff? I hope this helps someone, or at least gives someone a starting point to fix these 2 messages from different places so it all works together better. Feel free to take this and change it to something that makes more sense. Just please share it back here again.

Thank you.


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Post Posted October 26th, 2021, 7:26 am

Sorry, I don't use either of those extensions, and that's probably why I didn't lose calendars.

When testing the 91.0.0 release candidate, all I did to subscribe to my Google calendar was enter my email address and click the "Find Calendars" button, and a dialog opened with the choice of subscribing to the calendar, contacts, tasks and a holiday calendar. I chose the holiday and my calendar.

Don't have many contacts in my Google account, and since tasks doesn't work, I have no idea why it is offered.

Thanks for the information.
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