Where does Lightning actually store my calendar data?

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Hi all,

I have a shell script that copies my Firefox bookmarks and Thunderbird address book between my home machine, work machine, and laptop. I've started using Lightning with Thunderbird and would like to do the same with my calendar, but I can't seem to find where in my thunderbird profile the calendar file(s) are being kept. I'm running Ubuntu Edgy, and am looking around in ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/xyz.default/ with no luck. Could someone tell me what the file names are?



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All data is stored in your Thunderbird profile folder by default. The built-in calendar database is stored in a file called storage.sdb.

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Post Posted January 15th, 2017, 8:41 am

I am using Linux.

And searched the entire file system to locate "storage.sdb". Nowhere!

In this case: Where does Lightning store my calendars?


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