Android global password security issue

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I think I found a security problem in Firefox on Android. I have my bank account login stored in Firefox, which is OK on desktop since I have to confirm it with an SMS code. But of course if someone would steal my phone, he could get the bank account login and would also get the SMS. So this is a potentially very dangerous situation.

I decided to use global password for Firefox on my phone. But I found a very simple way to get around it. If you go to application maintenance and delete Firefox data, it will delete the global password protection. But the rest of data (logins, history etc.) will get synchronized again without the need to log into Firefox Sync again.

I believe it is caused by the Firefox account present in my phone.

Can anyone else confirm this? That would make the global password protection quite useless.


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Nobody cares about this? I think it is a very serious security hole which makes global password useless. If somebody would steal my phone, with this very simple trick he can get all my stored logins and passwords. Because Firefox has no options to exclude some logins from sync, they would even get my bank account login and with my phone in hands they would be able to steal all my money, because confirming SMS messages would get there too.

Don't you think it is a very serious issue? I just confirmed I can reproduce it any time.


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No use in telling this here, create a bug on bugzilla.

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