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Talk about Mozilla browsers for small devices such as PDAs and cellphones.
Rick Law
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New here, so excuse me if this is the wrong place to put a suggestion...

I just begin experimenting with browsing using the phone (Asus Zenfone 2 Laser and Zenfone 2e) but I have been using FireFox on the PC for a while.

In the Accessibility settings panel, besides "Text Scaling", a feature ASUS Browser has that I found indispensable for small screen is "Minimum font size" with the exact point-size displayed. After scaling, any fonts smaller that minimum size is magnified to at the minimum size.

Without the "Minimum font size" setting, switching between different sites for my older/less capable eyes. The mobile, unlike PC, takes more juggling to change font size. With just text scaling, I found myself needing to switch the scaling factor. Worst yet, there is no numeric feedback. So while I remember site XYZ is okay at 120% scaling whereas site ZYX needs 150%, I cannot change it to a numerical value I remembered.

Visually determining from a display of Tiny/Small/Normal/Large/Huge text is very difficult to use since I have no idea what font size is used to most of the text-to-read for a particular site. Whereas, 120% or 150% can be noted as part of my own "Bookmark" title. So apart from showing a display sample, a feedback on the numerical setting is necessary.

Something like: "xxx% text scaling 18pt minimum size" displayed will make it far easier for the user to get back to a good setting.

Please do consider adding Minimum Font Size with numerical feedback to future releases!



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Sorry Rick, but we're not Mozilla here, we're just fellow users like you. Point your old eyes at the disclaimer at the bottom of that column over there >>>>>
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You can set a minimum text size in the advanced settings.

1. in the address bar type about:config and visit that page
2. use the filter to find the font.minimum-size
3. tap on font.minimum-size.x-western and set a font size in pixels
4. do the same for font.minimum-size.x-unicode

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