Firefox for Android: Facebook requires login for public vids

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When I'm using the Firefox web browser app for Android, the Facebook website won't let me view public videos until I log in. But when I'm using the Chrome web browser app for Android, I can watch the same videos without needing to log in to the Facebook website.

Please can a few of you let me know whether this affects you too?

IMHO Facebook are within their rights to do this, but I believe it should be more widely publicized, because most people who post public videos probably don't realize. For example, the BBC (the UK's public service broadcaster) seems to be creating some content exclusively for their Facebook pages. Examples: ... =2&theater ... 676527824/ ... 243838220/ ... 129555982/

It's not just the BBC videos. It affects every public Facebook video that I've tried. ... main_video

My details:
phone = Nexus 5X
Android 6.0.1
Firefox for Android version 47.0

When I visit the above URLs using Firefox on my phone, the page loads as expected. There is a 'play button' (a triangle 'pointing rightwards', inside a circle). But when I tap on that button, nothing happens in that tab, and a new tab opens up containing a login screen, saying "You must log in first" at the top.

When I visit the above URLs using Chrome on my phone, or Firefox on my laptop, I can play the videos fine.

When using Firefox on my phone, if I log in to Facebook first, I can play videos fine.

I assume it is a deliberate policy on Facebook's part. (I do have a couple of theories about why.)

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Mozilla does not have any control over the content that Facebook provides. You can provide feedback to Facebook at ... 6411&rdrhc

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