Firefox Lite?

Talk about Mozilla browsers for small devices such as PDAs and cellphones.
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Any chance of creating a light version of FF for Android? Similar to Opera mini?

I am responsible for gathering information about daily farming operations, about 30 tablets in the fields, tractor drivers enter work orders via browser, I use, mostly drop-down menus, date&time, text fields, number fields, etc. and Opera mini.

Opera mini set to the following key configs:
- turn image loading off: aids in faster loading (FF just added this)
- single column view: this is the major difference between Opera and ALL browsers
-- it strips out ALL formatting, makes it lightning fast, 5 - 7 sec. loading per page in Edge/2G environment (i.e. many developing countries) vs. 45sec. to over a minute (including FF with images off)
-- also there is no need to 'zoom-in' on each page as it is a good size even for older people with poor reading vision (and, as a side benefit, it almost looks like an 'app')

As I mentioned in another post, I am expecting many more negative changes to Opera and mini due to their new Chinese owners (v.37 of Opera dropped SpeedDial, their strongest feature) so am here to provide feedback on key features that work well.


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