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I run Firefox on several devices, both Windows and Android, and all of them sync to each other using the same account.
The Windows instances are configured to sync "bookmarks", "passwords", "preferences" and "add-ons".
The Android ones are configured to sync "bookmarks" and "logins".
All of them have the same master password

Problem #1: The logins search feature on the Android FF is extremely slow.
If I want to search for a word and click on the magnifying glass icon, it can take over 20 seconds for the input field to appear, then when I start typing, the first letter is displayed in the input field but then nothing happens for another 20-30 seconds, after which the other typed letters appear and the search begins.

Problem #2: Not all passwords are synced.
For example, on my desktop, I have saved passwords for and for
On Android, I see only

Problem #3: Some accounts do not sync passwords at all.
I have two user accounts set up on my Nexus 5 Android phone, both have FF installed and sync to the same account.
When I switch to the second account and run Firefox, the list of logins is empty.

Please advise.

Thank you,

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