Android/FireFox : Delete private data when closing

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I am using Androd 5.1.1 and FireFox 48.

I am using the german version of FireFox, so I don't know the english labels exactly.

open FireFox -> open settings -> data protection, there is a function called "Close private data when fireFox is closing".
(in german version: Einstellung -> Datenschutz -> Private Daten beim Beenden löschen)

I want to delete everything (except of cache and offline website datas), but this function does not work anymore.
Some version ago, it worked perfectly.

Can you please repatir that function? It was really great. Thats the reason I am using FireFox instead of Chrome :D
(FireFox is much better than Chrome)

Best regads

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Is this the correct forum for bug reports?

Where can I post bug reports?

Best regards

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Bug reports go on Mozilla's bug tracker.

This forum is not part of Mozilla -
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I see this extension...I installed it into my Mobile Firefox... once installed click on it while in the add-ons screen and then you can choose what to clean.... ... src=search
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