a whole bunch of frustration vith Android

Talk about Mozilla browsers for small devices such as PDAs and cellphones.
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Post Posted August 30th, 2016, 1:35 pm

Hi all,

'been using my galaxy note more extensively lately and noticed how... notnice ... FF is on Android.
first: I get this error A LOT:

second: sync seems not to work, and I'm merly syncing bookmarks

third:all my favorite extensions can not be installed, I am talking about essential things like noscript, adblock and greasemonkey

4. crashes very often and is rather sluggish

FF works fine on my Ubuntu system and I am a bit confused that it is such a hassle on Android.
Can some one shed some light into this?

System: Galaxy Note Pro 12.4 P900 Android 5.0.2 FF48
Also is bugzilla still/also the place for bug reporting for Android?

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