when & how to update firefox aurora on android

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my device: ls-4001
android aosp 5.1
firefox aurora 51.0a2

recently i have download & installed aurora apk from mozilla website. almost every day it gives a notification: "update available for firefox aurora. touch to download."i have disabled automatic updates in aurora.

the aurora apk was 42mb. if i update does it download again 42 mb apk file ?

what might be the location of downloaded apk ?

or by tapping the update notification, does it automatically update the aurora in background ?

what are the file size of updates ?

is there any web interface or mailing list to keep track of updates ?

any help or suggestions please.


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The Aurora aka developers edition and Nightly channel builds gets checkins almost everyday. As a result there is a update each of those days. On desktop the update is a small patch unless you miss a update (by a .mar file) while on Android it is a .apk. This is the October updates for Aurora and Central which is Nightly.

Release < Beta (b#) < Aurora (a2) < Nightly (a1)

Since you downloaded from Mozilla the updates will be from Mozilla. If you got it through Google Play then I believe the updates will go through the Google Play Store from Mozilla.

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Also, the Play Store might offer incremental updates, whereas for the manual install, you'll definitively have to download the full apk each time.

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