Firefox Android not on "open with..." list

Talk about Mozilla browsers for small devices such as PDAs and cellphones.

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Post Posted December 14th, 2017, 2:43 pm

If I select a URL in an email (by highlighting it), I get a pop-up window asking if I want to open it in the Google app or in the Dolphin browser (which I don't use but it is still installed).
Firefox is my default browser, how come it is not even listed? And how can I make it appear?

Thanks for any pointers.


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Post Posted December 14th, 2017, 5:10 pm

Moving to Mobile where the Android version of Firefox is supported.

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Post Posted December 20th, 2017, 12:58 pm

May require Firefox developers to register with this new Android feature.

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Post Posted December 26th, 2017, 12:11 pm

On my phone, I get a menu that looks like this. Do you see something similar? (It's ASUS so it might be different.)


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Post Posted January 15th, 2018, 11:31 am

Sorry for long delay replying, been away.
I have to report the problem has gone away, in fact I'm confused by my own description (where I mention having to highlight the url text) as in every test I've just done, I can't make urls NOT appear as 'clickable' links.
And when one of those is selected a pop-up screen similar to the one the previous poster showed appears, which DOES offer firefox as an option.

Sorry to waste people's time, ill re-post if it happens again.

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