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GµårÐïåñ wrote:Is there any way we can get rid of this annoying "tip" that more often than not covers up the area you are trying to select and is completely unnecessary.


just start selection and the hint disappears


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pag77 wrote:just start selection and the hint disappears

You are clearly missing the point, obviously I know it will go away when you click but when it is blocking where you want to start selecting and you can't see what you are selecting, that means that each time Afterwards you have to go back move the lines to get what you would have had if the notice wasn't blocking the view. Do you get it now? It is an unnecessary notice that provides no benefit of being ALWAYS there.
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Possible bug: when grabbing screens on separate pages one right after the other, ScreenGrab doesn't place the second screen in the clipboard. The first screen stays there, so when you paste the second screen somewhere, what you're pasting is the first screen, not the second one you just copied. Even if you copy the second screen twice, it doesn't take. It seems that grabbing a screen blocks the clipboard from accepting any new input for a certain time, or some other action is required before the clipboard can accept new input, regardless of how many times you execute the copy to clipboard command.

Please let me know whether you can confirm this behavior. I've been a ScreenGrab user for several years but this behavior is making me look for alternatives.

Thank you for you hard work on this otherwise excellent piece of software.


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