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The main task of this extension is to save sessions at any cost. As a repository, browser bookmarks are selected as the most reliable and secure storage.


Please note that in the Firefox version of this extension to resolve tab icons the following service is used:{Domains_URL_of_a_tab}.
We don't collect cookies, password, e-mails or any other confidential info.
Only domains (not full URLs) of the websites visited (if you allow) and nothing else.

You can import your sessions from the "Session Manager" from Michael Kraft

This extension uses bookmarks. If you actively use bookmarks, this extension messes your bookmark search.
The extension does not work in a private window, but a private session can be saved from a regular (non-private) window.
I repeat: this is not a replacement for the "Session Manager" from Michael Kraft. Rather, it is the Session Keeper with the possibility of their recovery.

You can help with localization

Vote on Mozilla website for APIs/bug fixes needed by session managers, so they can be better. ... t/drslt43/

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Version 2.10.9
- Fixed incorrect tab order when opening a session when using some extensions.
- Updated the localization of German, thanks to ThisIsNotMe.

Version 2.10.8
- Added export from "Tab Session Manager" files
- Fixed changing the color of the icon.
- Updated the localization of Polish, thanks to Mikele O. (morlowski2).

Version 2.10.7
- Added module "Session Management".
- Fixed autosave settings when changing date format.
- Fixed date display error in the "Time Line" module.
- Updated the localization of Swedish, thanks to Göran Helsingborg.

Version 2.9.8
- Fixed privacy in accordance with the requirements of Mozilla.
- Renamed "Crash Recovery" to "TimeLine", since during the development of the work of this function has undergone semantic changes. The new name better captures the essence.
- Improved the work of opening a session with the "discarded" option enabled in FF63 and older. When restoring a session, the tabs title is displayed on tabs.
- Now you can open the extension popup in a separate tab.

Version 2.9.5
- Fixed default sorting (by date).

Version 2.9.4
- Fixed algorithm for opening tabs in "Crash Recovery" for FF63 and older.

Version 2.9.3
- Fixed opening of some files of the Session Manager (.session).

Version 2.9.2
- Fixed interface bugs in Linux systems.

Version 2.9.1
- Added support the "discarded" property inside browser.tabs.create()
- Added navigation on the tabs in the left column of the extension.
- Auto save settings.

Version 2.8.1
- Added sorting of the list of sessions by title. You can store frequently used sessions at the top of the list using prefixes. For example: "1. Session1", "2. Session2", "A.Session3", etc.
- Added the ability to choose the color of the icon.
- Added export of sessions as a list of URLs.
- Fixed autosaving sessions.
- Fixed saving "Crash Recovery".

Version 2.7.1
- Completely changed the work of the regime "Crash Recovery". Now it works as an alternative and duplication of autosaves. Sessions are saved in the local store.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.6.12
- Fixed algorithm for opening tabs in the "crash recovery" mode.
- Fixed autosave issue.
- Updated the localization of Portuguese and Spanish, thanks to Cyberknigt.

Version 2.6.11
- Compatibility returned with FF52
- Improved protection against loss of tabs
- minor fixes

Version 2.6.6
- Optimization of code and interface.

Version 2.6.3
- Added lazy loading of tabs.
- Added the ability to disable confirmation of deleting sessions (not recommended).
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.5.5
- Fixed bug of "Save here" function.

Version 2.5.3
- Updated interface
- The size of the pop-up window adapts to the size of the browser / screen (for example, for low-resolution devices)
- You can collapse / expand tabs by clicking on the window title
- When you click on the session name, the contents of the session are displayed in the left column
- Speed up the interface
- Minor bugs fixed

Version 2.4.13
- Added Highlight search, search string - the name of the session.
- You can select all the windows to save.
- Fixed localization errors.

Version 2.4.11
- I returned the quick save icon in the address bar. You can remove it by right clicking.
- You can disable the pop-up window when updating.
- Added setting for saving private windows.

Version 2.4.9
Bug fixes.

Version 2.4.8
Improved German localization. Gratitude to Ettore Atalan.

Version 2.4.7
- Added site icons.
- Added the ability to add one / multiple tabs from saved sessions.
- Fixed localization.

Version 2.4.5
Improved Spanish localization. Gratitude to Lara Bella.

Version 2.4.2
-Fixed bug with restoring of pinned tabs in all modes.
-Added menu to saved sessions.
-Left click opens / closes the menu, middle click opens the session in a new window (tabs open sequentially).
-In the menu item, the left mouse button successively opens the tabs, the middle click opens together. If you have less than 50 (100) tabs and enough RAM, it's best to open the tabs at the same time.
-"Open in current window". - CLOSE CURRENT TABS and opens a saved session. The additional tab is a known error.
-Updated localization (ru, en, de, fr, it, nl, pl, pt, es, cs ). If you find a mistake in the translation - write to me.

Version 2.3.7
- Fixed the problem of saving settings (re-save the settings).
- Added compatibility with TSM.

Version 2.3.2
-Fixed bug with pinned tabs for autosaved sessions.

Version 2.3.1
-Fixed bug with autosaved sessions.

Version 2.3
-Fixed bug with pinned tabs.
-Fixed the window type when restoring.
-Added time for saving the session.
-The interface is in the process of changing.
-I highly recommend using extension "Load on Select", this will keep your nerve cells.
-On the detected bugs, please write an e-mail.
IMPORTANT: the problem with resetting the settings by default is found and will be fixed in the near future.

Version 2.2.3
Bug fixes.
Fixed compatibility issues with the "Load on Select" and "Tab Suspender (memory saver)" extensions.
Removed icon from the address bar.

Version 2.2
New features:
- Import saved sessions from an extension "Session Manager" (which can not yet be implemented for FF57+).
- Autosaving sessions on a schedule.

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Could you add the dates to when the versions changed? Thanks.

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My message was for CromS. Thanks anyhow.

Merry Christmas.

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March 17th, 2019
Version 2.11.0
- Added the ability to open a session in a private window.
- Updated localization of Spanish.

Februar 8th, 2019
Version 2.10.10
- Improved privacy. To display the favicons used DuckDuckGo.
- Fixed incorrect tab order in the timeline module when opening a session when using some extensions.
- Updated localization of German, Swedish, Polish and Portuguese.
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Were those both released today?

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March 24th, 2019
Version 2.12.0
- Added the ability to select the default session title.
- Updated localization of multiple languages.

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May 12th, 2019
Version 2.13.5
- Added compatibility with extensions using hidden tabs.
- Added the ability to close tabs in the extansion interface.
- Fixed date display.
- Fixed bug with warning tab.
- Updated localization of multiple languages.

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Working fine until today - I lost all of my sessions.

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