Why is FireFTP not uploading all files when selected? Help!

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Has anyone had any issue with using FireFtp to bulk upload files and it skips files even though you have selected them? I am doing a fresh install of a shopping cart and although I select all files to be uploaded, upon going to my admin to edit, many files are missing and I have to go back manually to install the single missing files. It's quite tedious and I'm not understanding why it keeps doing this. Can't find any similar issues on google search. Any clues on why it may be doing this or which option I should be certain is checked/unchecked or configured? Thanks!


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luvlife wrote:Has anyone had any issue with using FireFtp

I haven't seen the exact issue you're talking about, but I have noticed that two particular files that I upload regularly (one called feed.xml and one called index.html) have to be deleted on the destination machine before being uploaded. If I don't, then the uploaded content is *appended* to those files, doubling their sizes, instead of replacing them as it should. Also, the modification times of those files seems to be updated locally by uploading them, which is wrong too. In my scenario, I'm uploading a few dozen files and all the others go up with no problem. Strange.
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I've seen the same problem many times. It usually happens when I'm uploading hundreds of files at once. I have fireFTP set to allow up to 10 simultaneous transfers, I've always wondered if that has something to do with it.

To get around the problem I usually re-upload the files and choose 'skip all' when it encounters the first conflict. It almost always finds a bunch of files that were missed on the first go-round

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Hi, I also had both problems with FireFTP:
-Some files not transferred
-Some files appended instead of being replaced.

Could not find any answer.

Did you find any?

Thanks a lot!


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