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VimFx is a Mozilla Firefox extension which introduces Vim-style keyboard shortcuts for browsing and navigation, significantly reducing the use of mouse, and allowing your hands to rest on the home row.

VimFx was inspired by Vimperator and designed after Vimium for Google Chrome preserving the shortcuts and behavior. If your are used to Vimium then it will be easy to get started with VimFx.
Why VimFx was created

Even before Vimium there was Vimperator for Firefox. The problem with Vimperator is that it has too many features and aggressively changes the default Firefox appearance and behavior. Vimium was developed for Google Chrome and it has perfect balance in terms of added functionality and changes to the browser behavior. VimFx brings similar amount of functionality and features to Firefox.

VimFx will be nice to your browser and to your habits. Promise.

Key Features
  • Concise shortcuts for most commonly performed actions
  • Follow and access controls on the page using hint markers
  • Easy access to the Help page which describes all available shortcuts (press ?)

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