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Post Posted January 28th, 2018, 2:02 pm

Wolfcity wrote:
coline wrote:Your extension has worked for me for so many years so well!! Are you going to update it? I really miss it!
The alternative posted there is really bad compared to your develpment!

The main developer hasn't said anything until FF 57 arrived, another member tried to update this add-on but unfortunately Mozilla has removed a lot of APIs and made it almost impossible to build a download bar as we know it. The quoted WX Download Bar is the best you can get atm and it's in active development so we can hope that it's getting better.The developer has implemented a lot of features since the release and I'm confident that it will be a good alternative in the near future. And it's the only alternative.

Totally agree :)

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Hello, users!
Have not seen you for a long time ;)

I have long waited for someone to make a beautiful downloadbar...
but unfortunately there is only one not beautiful version:

I'm tired of waiting and started porting my addon:
ahead is a long and difficult road, but here is an example of a screenshot of the beta version :)
I hope that I will be able to finish what I started and in one or two weeks I will show the world my new release :)


please feel free to ask all the questions in this topic:

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Post Posted February 14th, 2018, 3:15 pm

I hope you are successful with your project pag77. However I can't agree with your comment that John Wensley's is lacking, yes it's not as slick as the original version we had but as far as I'm concerned John is doing a good job with the tools he has available.

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Excellent! keep us updated!

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