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Post Posted February 6th, 2019, 5:09 am

VLMin wrote:Ironclad17, One source is the Classic Add-ons Archive, an XUL-based extension, which may be found here.Note that the file is about 41 MB, because it contains all the extensions' code, historical code, etc.

Install it, then type "menu wizard" int he search box, upper right-hand corner.

Much obliged!

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Post Posted February 20th, 2019, 10:30 am

Does anyone know of a solution to change the position of webextension menuitems? I found that I could hide them, but I don't want to hide all, and all WE items are at the bottom of the context menu

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I use Menu Wizard with Thunderbird, and can't figure out how to fix a few things with it:

- add Move Junk to Trash option to RMC Menu on mouse over Unified Junk folder
- add Empty Trash option to RMC Menu on mouse over Unified Trash folder
- regroup all Unified folders (Inbox, Drafts, Sent, etc) by grouping them under one top new Unified Account
- show the Unified Account above All fully functional individual accounts on the same view

Can I do it with Menu Wizard? May be its developer can help?

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How i can add shortcut to ClickTabMove extension menus.

ClickTabMove menus are shown when you right click to tab or webpage.

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Please update..

latest version "appears to be corrupted" & is dead in v68

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I have great news guys, the author Alex gave me his best reply to a proposal of updating,
by email:

Oleksandr Popov:

"After the failure of Firefox from the XUL-extensions MenuWizard is no longer supported
and all work on it is terminated"

& even better, there's no alternative, so we're all left with all sorts of badly sorted
& needless menu references..

& that major work is trashed heartlessly.

I'm hopeless & lost.

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