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As far as I know are Mozilla dictionaries hunspell dictionaries. How to make then usuable to all applications able to communicate and produce a spell checking using hunspell and, of course Mozilla :mrgreen: ?
Hi did move them to the /usr/share/hunspell dir where I did find each one prealable version of en_US.dic and en_US.aff installed by the system itself (but you can without toil understand, that US Engl. dict. are of course very important for me :mrgreen: but not really that what I need all the day :-" ! French and German dictionaries are more important along the day for me...).
But it does not work.
I see in the file browser, that it uses 2 different icones depending of ... Of what? I don't know! Access rights? Registry in some list?

My problem is also that at each upgrading of Mozilla the old dictionaries become invalided and that my tools become so more and more poor! I need dictionaries for de, en, es, fr, it, nl and ru, and there were times I did have nothing more in my list (it is an absurd situation to have to upgrade a browse as long not all add-ons in use are not all already available and a great insufficience at Mozilla!). I did of cours block my actualisations preset, but it's save only the dictionaries in Mozilla but does not help to use them in other adequate applications using hunspell. so it would be better for me to install them as hunspell extension and offer Mozilla to use them. but as ther already are available in my Mozilla, I will try to use my actual version and avoid so to change.

Kind regards
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