[Ext] SlyZoom: a zoom slider, for some sly zooming

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SlyZoom: a zoom slider, for some sly zooming

Author: Codifier
Compatibility: Firefox 29+
License: GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPLv3)
Localizations: en-US, nl

SlyZoom primarily is a zoom slider, reminiscent of the zoom slider in earlier Opera browser versions (Presto), that enhances Firefox's native FullZoom capabilities by allowing more fine-grained zooming and by providing the ability to define custom zoom levels with custom markers that you can snap to.

Main features:
  • Easy, fine-grained zoom sliding;
  • Define custom zoom levels;
  • Define magnetic markers on the slider, that you can snap to while clicking or sliding;
  • Optional drop-down menu, with:
    • optional input field, for fast incidental zoom level input;
    • quick restore: easily restore to a predefined zoom level by clicking on the drop-down while holding the modifier key (Cmd (⌘) on a Mac, Ctrl on Windows and Linux);
  • Optional visual zoom level indicator, overlayed translucent in the center of your browser window;
  • Customizable for left handed usage:
    • flip the slider;
    • swap the slider and drop-down.

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