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NoiaButtons for Firefox & Thunderbird - Discussion Thread


NoiaButtons for Firefox 60+ (by using userChrome.css)

This add-on will not survive the next big Thunderbird update.
With Thunderbirdb 59 Mozilla decided to drop "inline options".

Latest release: 2.1.5 (main page) (download & changelog)

Collection of my legacy add-ons (previously on AMO): last reviewed versions (I removed all Firefox add-ons from AMO, because AMO lacks responsibility to keep add-ons review system clean. AMO allows troll parasites to anonymously post false reviews without properly moderating/removing them [like happened in the past].)

NoiaButtons add-on offers cartoonish toolbar button icons (known from Noia themes) for Firefox and Thunderbird and their default and lightweight themes.

  • Noia and Firefox 1, 2, 3, 3 (Strata) icons for default toolbar buttons
  • Four size variations on navigation toolbar: large, middle, small, tiny
  • Icon size reduction for hovered buttons
  • Noia theme-like silver and dark main ui for toolbars and tabs
  • Noia icons for main buttons in location bar (stop, reload, go, dropmarker)
  • Noia icons for all default and Lightning toolbar buttons
  • Four size variations on mail toolbar: large, middle, small, tiny
  • Icon size reduction for hovered buttons

(some options on NBs options page)

(preview image of Firefox with Noia-like silver/dark themes and lw-themes)
For displaying tabs below navigation toolbar the add-on Classic Theme Restorer is used.

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