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The initial release of the GTranslateWinS - Google Translate Window Supervisor: ... slatewins/

The main idea of this extension is to facilitate the use of the Google Translate, powerful translation tool but without tweaking its translation results in any way. Translate selected text on web pages or files opened in Firefox by pressing just one key, [ESC] by default. After that the Google Translate window is opened with the result of translation and optionally automatically listened. All subsequent selected text translation requests will go in the same window, moving it at the top of windows stack. If nothing is selected on a page the ESC key works as a view toggler, moving the Google Translate window under the translation source window and back at the top again or switching between tabs if the Google Translate and translation source tabs are in the same window.

The extension is built on the new for Firefox but long ago used in Chrome and Opera technology - webextensions: ... Extensions

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