[Ext] Soundscape (nature sounds) for Firefox

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Listen to the epic sounds of nature while browsing.

The main reason for creating this extension was to aid people working in noisy office environments (like myself) by helping to block out external distractions so they can concentrate on their work. The white noise channel in particular helps remove around 95% of external sounds while allowing you to focus on what you're doing. Other people may find it's just nice to listen to the sounds of nature while relaxing or browsing around. Either way, I probably couldn't do my job without it these days, so I hope there's others out there that find it useful too.

A Web Extension update is planned for the near future, so this will help keep things in line with all browser changes being made going forward.

Any comments, criticisms and suggestions are welcome.

Note: having installed the latest version of Firefox (47.0.1) I've noticed that the toolbar icon is much smaller than intended (it looked fine in 43.0.1) - so that's on my list of things to address, but all other functionality works as expected.

Any testing by Mac/Linux users is particularly welcome as I only have access to an old version of OSX Mountain Lion (on which it worked perfectly fine), but no testing done on Linux yet.

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