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Post Posted October 24th, 2016, 5:04 pm

I recognize that SortPlaces is no longer available as a Firefox add-on, due to a dispute between Mozilla and the author. But I also run the Pale Moon browser, and SortPlaces Ver. 1.9.2B, although several years old, is available from other sources. Pale Moon's newest version (27, in beta) will no longer support SDK extensions. My current Bookmark sorting add-on will not run now, which led me to SortPlaces, which works fine.

I found a SortPlaces user guide on Wayback. But there are some terms and conventions I don't understand, and I don't want to destroy my current Bookmark sorting structure by incorrect testing. So hopefully some users of SortPlaces still follow these threads and can answer some questions.

1. On the Sort Order tab, there is a section named Folder ordering. Two of its choices are 'Queries' and 'Livemarks'. What are they, and how do they relate to Bookmarks?
2. If I chose 'Bookmarks' as a #1 Folder order, then does that mean the Folders would never be sorted, since Bookmarks are within Folders?
3. If I choose 'Select Folders to include' on the Options tab, and select, say 6 folders, does that mean that the Bookmarks within these 6 folders will be sorted, but the 6 folders themselves will NOT be sorted?
4. I currently have one primary folder, and within that folder about 20 sub-folders. Some of these 20 sub-folders also have sub-folders. These folders and sub-folders are in the order that I want them listed, which does not match any of the 'Sort by' options in the program. My goal is to be able to sort ONLY the Bookmarks within these folders and sub-folders, but NOT sort the folders and sub-folders themselves. What is the most effective way to structure the Sort order and Options tabs entries to accomplish this?

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