Display of Tab Group Info in Session Manager's save window

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I am a longtime, heavy user of FireFox's Tab Groups and Session Manager add-ons due to my operating a market research business and having many interests, and previously I have made financial contributions to support to the development efforts of both coding teams; so thanks for the great work you do.

My question relates to how to get group info/identifies to show-up consistently on Session Manager's save window, so I can use that information to do select (i.e partial) Session Manager Group Tabs back-ups which will allow me then to cut down my open tabs. Once the select Session Manager Group Tabs back-ups have been completed, I will easily be able to re-open all those Grouped Tabs en mass that were previously closed when I want or need to return to that particular project or topic.

My issue is that sometimes my Tabs show their Group labels when I go to do a session save of selective tabs but lately they too frequently have not been. Can you explain why this display functionality goes away or how can I ensure this info consistently shows up / displays all the time when I open up Session Manager to do a ’Save’. Having such information is critical to my being able to my being able to do the selective back-ups of particular Tab Groups that I mentioned above.

If helpful, I can share 2 screen shots that show what I am referring to if that would be helpful to more fully explain this issue. Those I would have to email, however, as this board does not allow for the posting of images as I understand things.



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