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Post Posted March 30th, 2017, 7:30 am

Chrome UA on Google for Firefox Android

Description: Sets the Useragent of Firefox Android to Chrome whilst browsing Google's search. This provides the more feature rich Webkit experience.
Author: Jonathan Nakandala
AMO page: ... e-android/
Source Code: ... -on-Google
Compatibility: Firefox for Android
License: MPL-2.0

Made this simple addon based on one of the Webextension examples to simply change the User Agent sent to Google Search domains to spoof it being a Google Chrome Android browser.
Google gives an inferior "lite" version of their search pages when browsing via non Webkit mobile browsers.

Generally it works well though there does seems to be a slight bit of slowdown on Firefox.
It's uses Webextensions so shouldn't break down in future versions.
Give it a look!

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