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Post Posted September 24th, 2017, 12:05 pm

the legacy build ... clippings/

latest is 5.12 up to firefox 56

the webextension to grab:

maybe here when ready: ... sions/beta

- you need to download the zip or gz from github
- expand the archive (directly, it contains subfolders)
- open \wx-src

the manifest is buggy - to add "id"
Code: Select all
    "applications": {
      "gecko": {
         "id": "clippings-wx@aecreations",
         "strict_min_version": "54.0"

"id": "clippings-wx@aecreations",
must be present otherwise fail to install

- re-pack that folder only as zip (no subfolders!!!)
- maybe rename it to a XPI file (not needed in firefox dev/beta)
- and drag&drop it into about:addons page in firefox and install

to recover content import clipdat2.rdf or clippings.rdf where you found it last on your system

new storage is put here
\<profile-folder>\storage\default\moz-extension+++...long-string...\idb\...asegCnliipp.sqlite (encrypted content)

somehow funny
asegCnliipp.sqlite -> aeclippings sqlite
shtsyil.sqlite -> stylish sqlite
Vyieoklneonmt.sqlite -> violentmonkey sqlite
(start left and jump each 2nd char - then from the right each second char)

"New..." from context menu is not working yet.

i missed it - that far i tried to convert some chrome extension with less effort until now, working on the storage part.

Important notice
when using clippings this method the ID after installation will be unique for your system. if you change the ID from manifest (see above) you will lose your clippings! this will also happen when you install the final version from AMO! so make a backup of text before you proceed! also hold a copy of your previous clippings-rdf-file

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