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I am running and will stay owith FF56. I have installed it on a new PC and was going to reload all my previous addons, one of which was aniweather. It downloads from legacycollector and other sites, but then it comes up with an error message.
I am still running Aniweather on an old laptop and as I have not touched this installation Aniweather runs fine.

Are there any settings or hacks that I can use to get it to run o.k. on the new PC installation?


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I use Firefox 56 also. I couldn't get AniWeather to load from Tom's site but this Firefox Addon seems to work. The screen images look slightly different. Don't know if it will offer what you are looking for but you might take a look. ... extension/

General purpose weather I use this page -- no addon required.
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did you manage to get weather to load in the status bar and display like Aniweather?

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