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The spellcheck-dictionary-configurer extension can enable spell checking for all fields on a page or on all pages of all sites by default. Also it lets you choose which spell checking dictionary use by default. Useful for multi language dictionaries to set theme by default.

You can install the extension on this link.

The extension is too young and it possibly has some bugs. The extension user interface is not very nice for a while but I hope people will find out how to use it.

It is an open source extension under MIT licence. The forum topic is not a support page, use github issue page to let me know if there are problems with the extension.

Shadow DOM elements with open mode supporting is added. Closed Shadow DOM elements won't be proceeded yet. If someone can propose an elegant way to work with Shadow DOM with closed mode then feel free to make a suggestion. :D Now the only way that I know is a monkey patch of Shadow DOM API to make it opened.

All is fine, there is mistake in a mozilla documentation, the function name is wrong but the function itself works fine. Closed and open Shadow DOM is fully supported.

Since now I freeze the extension developing due to lack of a free time. I am going to fix some bugs if I have a time. And the same for all other my extensions.

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