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Cookie Store provides multiple cookie jars to allow simultaneous session cookies for a given domain. For example, you can be logged into a web application with multiple accounts at the same time in the same browser window and be able to switch between them easily.

Extension install/download and more information can be found at the Cookie Store home: <a href=""></a>.

Version 0.2 fixes some bugs and adds polish to the previous 0.1 prototype version.

<b>Changes in version 0.2:</b>
<li>Fixed issue which caused server responses that set multiple cookies in a single header to be ignored. Applications like GMail now are correctly intercepted when the Set-Cookie header contains multiple new line separated cookies.</li>
<li>Added "Flush All Cookies..." menu item to the main Cookie Store menu. This will clear all cookies in all jars after user confirmation.</li>
<li>Added "Remove" and "Remove All" buttons to the "Cookies" tab of the "Manage Cookie Jars..." dialog. Double clicking cookies from this list will also show the details of that cookie, however it cannot currently be edited.</li>
<li>Added debugging preferences to dump all headers for requests and responses to the -console.</li>
<li>Fixed issue where cookies with no path were not being correctly sent back to the server when they should have been.</li>
<li>Cleaned up some of the Cookie Store menu items and added the "About..." menu item.</li>
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