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Pearl Crescent Page Saver 1.1 is now available. Get it here:
<a href=""></a>

<b>What is it?</b>
Page Saver is an extension for Mozilla Firefox 1.5 that lets you capture images of web pages in PNG format. The entire page or just the visible portion may be captured. Options let you control whether images are captured at full size (which is the default) or scaled down to a smaller size. Page Saver uses the canvas feature that was introduced in Firefox 1.5.

<b>What is new?</b>
New in the 1.1 release:
* Option to play a sound after an image is captured.
* Page Saver drop-down menu in the toolbar.
* Chinese translation.
* "Send Feedback..." menu item.
* Support for Intel-based Macintosh computers (although you will want to wait until Firefox is released due to a byte order <a href="">bug</a>; if you don’t mind using pre-release versions of Firefox you might <a href="">grab a daily build</a>).
* <a href="">Improved documentation</a>.

Beginning with the 1.1 release, we now offer Page Saver in two editions: Basic (which we continue to distribute at no cost) and Pro (available for $15 USD per copy). The <a href="">Pro edition</a> has these additional requested features:
* Copy the captured page image to the system clipboard (Macintosh and Windows).
* Save the captured image to an ftp or web server.
* For the command line, a new <b>-saveas</b> option may be used to specify a local file and/or path for saved images.

Learn more at <a href="">our web site</a>.

-Mark Smith
Pearl Crescent

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