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What would I have to do to convince you to return the Mac to the same default theme as the PC? The Mac default theme is advertised as being more Mac compatible. There are certainly details that match better. However the combination of the ugly lineprinter paper striping in the message list with the general lack of color mean that the overall design isn't as good. The Windows default theme may not exactly match Mac mail, but it is a good design. I'd rather have a good design that doesn't quite match Mac mail than a poor one that is closer in detail.

By the way, I'm pleased to see than the emacs editing keys have finallly made it into Thunderbird 2. I hope they've also made it into the newest Firefox.


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I doubt it will happen. Many of the developers put a lot of Apple designs/looks into their themes and dialogues and won't ever back down on them. This happened with the switching from Qute to Winstripe, Tools -> Options window going from sidebar to topbar/tabs, etc.

It's a shame but eventually, even the Windows versions of Thunderbird will probably be moved away from Qute and to Winstripe as well, too.

By the way, you could try using the Windows version of the Thunderbird theme for your Mac version of Thunderbird. One person I helped on these forums did that and it worked out fine for him.
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In fact I have just started copying the Windows theme. It makes things OK. However every time there's an update I have to do it again (just as I have to install emacs editing keys every time there's a firefox update).

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