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If Download Manager Tweak is enabled, it cause 100% CPU usage. This bug manifests itself probably only in Windows 7. In Windows XP (on the same PC!) this addon does not cause any problems. What could be causing this?


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This is an old thread. Is anybody still using DMT at all? And is it still compatible with Firefox?

It broke the download toolbar button that Firefox got long ago, so I uninstalled it. The toolbar drop-down is a good replacement for me.

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EDIT: I see this is an old thread; will be reposting on current.

Getting an error when opening it as sidebar (in combination with rightbar 0.5.1 plugin):
Doesn't seem to impact usability in any way; the error just pops up, you hit the button and continue as per normal. Just thought I'd share. It reoccurs every time I open the sidebar using Ctrl+J. Only began in the last couple days, likely related to Firefox v53.0a2 (2017-01-30) (32-bit).

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