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KingOfDos wrote:I have the remote proxy script for usage within Internet Explorer, but no remote script functionality in IETab. I really need to maintain IETab on 75 users (x2, local and Citrix, so 150 IETab configurations) from a central place. I want to upload 1 (one) single file to any webserver, let's say, based on that file the IETab needs to automaticlly open the websites in that file with IETab.

I really need this before I can publish Firefox in our company. When a website is not working, I've got to configure all users / browsers at once. So the users only need to close/reopen there browser, and a website is automatically opened via IETab. This requires only 1 user who finds a website that's not working to configure the whole company.

Try this... ... .1_100.xpi

First, extract the .xpi file, edit the following file:

Original code:
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pref("ietab.filterlist.updater.enabled", true);
pref("", "");

Change it to...
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pref("ietab.filterlist.updater.enabled", true);
pref("", "");

P.S. This case, I assume that your filter file on
And then, use zip format repack ietab_filterlist_updater.xpi

Second, write the ietab-filterlist.txt
For example:
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# default rules

# user reported rules

It must be a plain text file, one rule per line, any lines starts with # will be ignored (comment line).
Save the file and upload it to your server e.g.

Third, share ietab_filterlist_updater.xpi and install it on all PC in your company.
P.S. This extension supports Firefox 1.5~3.0a1


Additionally, you can modify following file to support the extension's Automatic Update.
Remove comment "<!--" and "-->", and change the following code:
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to your update URL, for example:
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The update.rdf example:
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<RDF:RDF xmlns:RDF=""

  <RDF:Description about="">
        <RDF:li resource=""/>

  <RDF:Description about="">


This extension use GNU General Public License (GPL).

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