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TheBorgInvasion wrote:A tab finder. Got 50 tabs or more? A small box that can search keywords of the tab names, sites, or content to find the tab you want.

try tabhunter extension. awesome IMO.

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I am using 0.5.8 with Firefox 3.5.4 on Vista. I use horizontal tabs at the top of the window. I cannot seem to drag tab groups between windows. For example, I have a group containing three tabs (A B C). I press shift, click on the first tab, and drag to the tab bar of another window; I can see an arrow in that tab bar marking my position. When I release the mouse button, I find that tab C remains in the original window; in the new window, ungrouped, I see (in order) an "untitled" tab (no URL), tab B, and tab A.

I'm puzzled. Am I doing something wrong?


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I really like the coloring of the tab groups in Tab Kit. Is it possible to keep the colors, even after a tab was activated?

Great add-on, thx.
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Does it work for you in 3.6b1?

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it works in 3.6b, and 3.7 current trunk

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Please can you think about adding mouse support for closing groups.

ie. If a tab group is collapsed. then middle click on that tab will close the group (ie what shift +middleclick does)
Please. I hate having such a useful add on, that has useful features, that I can't use because I don't use my keyboard. (one handed haha) Seriously though it would be so useful. It makes sense. I mean currently middle click on a collaped group expands it, but double click does that anyway. So why not make use of middle click for those of us who are active mouse users

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Hi there,

I'm trying to get Tab Kit grouping to work with a mouse gesture to open a link in a new tab (instead of reusing the existing tab.) Has anyone been able to make this combo work?

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Please consider updating Tab Kit for Firefox 3.6
This is the only add-on that keeps me from updating to Firefox 3.6
We know that you develop Tab Kit for free in your own time (and I at least am very thankful for that), but sometimes I wonder if it's still being developed.
The main problem that I've found when trying to use Tab Kit 0.5.8 with Firefox 3.6 is a weird behavior of the tab bar when I hover over tabs. It's very annoying so I decided to revert back to Firefox 3.5.7, hoping that Tab Kit can be made fully compatible with Firefox 3.6 soon.

Thank you

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Please consider updating Tab Kit for Firefox 3.6

Install Nightly Tester Tools, go to Add-ons, click on Tab Kit, down the bottom, click on > Override all compatibility, then > Force Install.

Nightly Tester Tools ... s&status=4 ... s=4Nightly ... esterTools

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Thanks for your reply, johnmatt.
Unfortunately, the problem with Tab Kit and Firefox 3.6 is a bit more complex than forcing compatibility. In fact, I've already done that by using another add-on that allows you to force compatibility (MR Tech Toolkit). But due to changes in Firefox code, Tab Kit displays some problems when hovering with the mouse over the tab bar and with the tab drag indicator. After some tinkering with the code, I think that the problem may be caused by changes in the handling of CSS attributes by Firefox 3.6, but my knowledge falls short of pinpointing it and fixing it.
So here we are, hoping that Jomel (or anyone else with the knowledge to do so) is able to fix it and publish an updated version of Tab Kit.

P.S.: Happy Australia day! :)

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I saw many problems with the FF 3.7*, in fact the biggest problem is when you open more tabs than your multi-rows could show, like its a very hard to reach hidden rows with the mouse pointer like the tab pointer would always returning to the previous row.
Also in FF3.6* with Nightly tester tools Tabkit is working solid but not perfect there are bugs.

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Also is it possible that we can change the tabkit menu order in the future versions, because extensions like menu editor couldn't see the tabkit sub/menu options at all as they doesn't exist.
In fact I would like to move some buried tabkit menu options into the first tab context menu of firefox, I don't like that I need to go so deep for some options, its making me time just to reach some options that I use so much, I would really like that close tab group would be in the main tab menu of firefox.

Also I would like to point that somehow tabkit isn't opening the newly child tabs in the right fashion, for example I don't like the recent children position, this recent option was always making me very confuse , for example I start opening the child tabs, and everything is great, child tabs were opened one by one in the line, and they were ordered just as it should be, but if I start reading something and as a clock start ticking at some point the newly children tabs wouldn't be positioned as a next in the line but as a first in the line after the parent tab.
Somehow your recent function got inside of every ordering function, and now they all act as a recent, which means that after some time the order wouldn't be consider and the newest children tab would be opened next to the parent tab.

I would like that recent children option could be removed as an option who like it he can use it who don't like it he can disabled it.

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@loopdemack: I agree about the tab opening order. If I open a load of tabs sequentially, it's fine, but it I open a few and then switch around and then go back to the parent and open some more, they open next to the parent instead of at the bottom of the group. Not sure whether this is deliberate or not, but an option like "always open child tabs at end of group" would be useful.

Looking forward to Tab Kit for FF 3.6. It's my favourite add-on by far! Very, very useful for keeping my tabs organised.

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Could an experienced TabKit user help me please? I've just installed it to see if it is a viable alternative to TabGroups Manager, but I'm stuck over what seem to be some very basic points. Hope this screenshot summarises my queries:

If there's a 'Quick start for impatient new users' that I've not found so far, I'd appreciate a pointer to it please.

First impression is that it's harder to use than TGM, but I expect that's mainly unfamiliarity.

Terry, East Grinstead, UK
Terry, East Grinstead, UK
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