Mail with en-GB language pack: ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF-8

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I hope that this is the appropriate place to report the following behaviour:

Using the en-GB language pack, SeaMonkey Mail defaults to ISO-8859-1 text encoding for new mails. This is not the case with neither the Dutch language pack nor the original en-US version which both default to UTF-8. Thunderbird's en-GB language pack also default to UTF-8.

The reason is the setting
in the file chrome/en-GB/locale/en-GB/messenger/

Is there a chance for this behaviour being changed in the official en-GB language pack?


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Post Posted April 13th, 2018, 12:40 pm

Can that be overridden by changing a setting in prefs.js (user.js) ?

mailnews.send_default_charset is certainly in about:config, but I don't know how or if the language pack might or might not affect things?
Or are you able to "go into" the language pack & "hard-code" a change in there?
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Yes, it can be overwritten by setting mailnews.send_default_charset to UTF-8 in about:config. The language pack sets a new default value here, for no obvious reason. Maybe the default in SeaMonkey (en-US) was changed to UTF-8 at some point and this language pack (in contrast to e.g. the Dutch one) did not incorporate this change?

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Best would be to file a bug in bugzilla against l10n.

Like this one but with component en-GB:

Set me frg and iann_bugzilla on cc. Fix will probably only be in 2.57 still a year or so away.

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