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Post Posted January 23rd, 2015, 11:46 pm

Hi All,

While working on addon for seamonkey, I wanted to upgrade my old downloading methods to newer once ... nloads.jsm

I used below example:

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Task.spawn(function () {

  let list = yield Downloads.getList(Downloads.ALL);

  let view = {
    onDownloadAdded: download => console.log("Added", download),
    onDownloadChanged: download => console.log("Changed", download),
    onDownloadRemoved: download => console.log("Removed", download)

  yield list.addView(view);
  try {
    let download = yield Downloads.createDownload({
      source: "",
      target: OS.Path.join(OS.Constants.Path.tmpDir, "example-download.html"),
    try {
      alert("Now monitoring all downloads. Close the message to stop.");
    } finally {
      yield list.remove(download);
      yield download.finalize(true);
  } finally {
    yield list.removeView(view);

}).then(null, Components.utils.reportError);

It downloads the file properly, however it does not display downloading progress in seamonkey's default download manager.
Can someone help me out.

Please note that I have already tried my addon with new profile, but no luck. I am testing my addon in Seamonkey version 2.32


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Post Posted January 25th, 2015, 10:51 am

We are not using the new jsdownloads API. Our download manager is still using the old C++ nsIDownloadManager. If you want some UI, you'll have to provide your own like the download statusbar extension or DownThemAll.


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