bookmark menu overlap when drag'n'drop to address bar

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Post Posted February 27th, 2015, 9:28 am


under win7 x64, SM 2.32.1 (but since old release too)

i have website shortcuts on my desktop (tempory shortcuts).
then often when i drag'n'from the windows desktop to the url address bar of seamonkey, there is the bookmark menu which open and mask-overlap my url bar ! as i'm quick i often drop my link into the bookmark menu and i have have to redo again but by avoiding the path to the bookmark menu.

so, is it possible to wait more or desable (by option), the openning of bookmark menu when i have a skortcut and i flying over it ? i notice other menu (file, edit, go) do not open ! only bookmark menu always opens....


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You could try rearranging your toolbars so that the bookmarks menu isn't near the urlbar. For instance, you can place a flexible space in front of the menu to push it to the left.
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