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I am running Win 7 on my laptop and recently upgraded to the most recent version of SeaMonkey 2.35. If I hard boot or restart, my SM seems to work as it is supposed to where it checks for new mail on start up and the minutes I have it set to check for new mail. I just set it to check every minute during this problem time, normally I have it set to check every 5 minutes. If I close my laptop without shutting down and then come back to it later, open it and it resumes without me restarting or booting, SM does not check for new mail at that time nor does it check for new mail every minute. It seems not to check at all. I have to "Get Messages" all the time which is annoying since sometimes my new mail is a notification of something I watch live via streaming so I'm missing those. If I restart or hard boot, it's okay again but given how many times throughout the day I'm closing and then resuming my laptop, it's just not at all practical and wastes way too much time as I wait for it to do so. Given the fact this just seemed to start with my update to 2.35, I'm thinking there's perhaps some sort of bug? I sent myself a test message a good 25 minutes ago and it still hasn't popped. What can I do to fix this? Would going back to the previous version of SM fix it? I want it to work again, it's driving me nuts! ](*,)

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