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Post Posted October 18th, 2015, 5:41 am


i often go to imdb and rate the movies (put a star level evaluation with my logged account).

Seamonkey always reacts strangly once i select my star-evaluation :

once i quit the imdb site after put my evaluation, and go back (like with the back button), them seamonkey does not show my evaluation like i didnot do it.

but it was well done and saved my imdb cause, if i open the same page in ANOTHER tab, them i can see my evaluation note-star.
So Why seamonkey doesn't saved it in it history property ? i have to do a F5 key hit to have a real refresh state.
Maybe the bug came from IMDB ajax script, i don't know.
but if i close the tab once i put my evaluation, then use the GO/recently closed tab feature of Seamonkey, then my evaluation is hidden again !!! Same effect liek the go-back history button ...

very strange !

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Post Posted October 18th, 2015, 9:10 am

I would think it is a board issue itself, or an extension you're using affecting what is happening.

GO/recently closed would be pulling from /cache/ so if that were not updated...

I see the same on
(Particular forum is immaterial.)
I'll reply to a thread, the page reloads, but my reply does not display.
I have to manually reload the page to see my reply.

I know to expect it, so I haven't bothered trying to figure out the cause, but I suspect it is an extension I'm using interfering (blocking something) with the operation of the board. And knowing that I may run into the situation, I'll live with that rather then exposing myself to potential vulnerabilities by not doing my blocking.
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