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Hi All,

I am currently using the SM 2.33.1 as a more stable version for me.

I tried SM 2.39 and discovered some bugs in the modern theme.

Bug 1. In the add-ons manager some icons are missing on the side panel (where the menus extensions, appearance, plugins are) and also some icons are missing for some extensions. The icons are missing somehow in a random way.

Bug 2. This bug exists I assume since SM 2.20 or so. There is a panel with email and news accounts in the “Mail & Newsgroups”. There is also an item “Local Folders”. The item “Local Folders” has a wrong icon – an envelope instead of the “PC” icon. If you move your mails with a left mouse click “Move To” -> “Local Folders” - there are a correct “PC” icon.

There are no any of these bugs in the Classic theme.

Can it be fixed?

By the way, I can see the bug no.1 with the add-ons manager icons only under Windows XP. It is OK under Windows 7.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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I think there are already efforts under way to restore the old addon manager look for Seamonkey. Did you file a bug for the wrong icon? It should be a simple fix.

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I have not seen any issue with icons. There are none missing in the addons or messaging. Is this a Windows thing? I use Mac OS.
With "old addon manager look", how old would that be? I began using SeaMonkey with version 2.20, and the addons manager has not changed much that I have noticed. The observable difference has been missing addon version numbers, which I fixed with an extension.

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The addon manager looks ok to me too in Windows and modern theme. But the mentioned icon (bug 2) is indeed the wrong one.

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