Some downloads fail to complete at 100%?

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Update - this seems to relate a long term Avast file shield issue that occurs now and again, although how often may depend on the browser being used. The Avast forum has occasionally reported downloads 'becoming corrupt', which could be the same problem with the correct extension not being applied to a file after a download. After correcting the extension, files seem to run or install without a problem. I will wait for the next major update to Avast to see if there is any change, and if there isn't, try another antivirus to test, or change browser. Thanks.


Downloads on Seamonkey sometimes fail when reaching 100%, aImost as if there is a problem writing to the disk. The second or third try however, usually results in a successful download. The failed download shows in the correct folder and is the correct size, but has a '.part' extension.
The website this occurs on seems to be quite random. I am using windows 10 with windows firewall control on Seamonkey 2.46. I usually only save to my downloads folder, or the desktop. It also happens on windows 7 and Seamonkey on an older laptop. It has different security software however (a different firewall). Regarding a Mozilla-based browser, the download issue also occurs with an older version of Firefox, as you can read about in the link below. One user reply suggests the issue might be with an anonymous IP program, but I have no need for anything like that. Both of my computers are clean.

Here are two of the websites that I attempted to download from. As you can see, the second attempt does complete :-



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