Quoted values in cookies do not work in Seamonkey 2.46

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Post Posted April 10th, 2017, 8:53 am

Please see the original post from the following post:

RFC 6265 defines that values of the key-value pairs in cookies may have double quotes in them. From browsers Opera, Seamonkey and Chromium only Opera allows the double quoted format. SeaMonkey does not support the double quotes.

Page 9, RFC 6265 "4.1.1. Syntax":
cookie-value = *cookie-octet / ( DQUOTE *cookie-octet DQUOTE )

Is there any reason the double quotes could not be used?

voltagain :?

The cookie warning has to be printed in the www-pages now-a-days and the consent to use the cookies has to be get from the user. To use attribute values in every html-page to replace session identifier is complex. The pages should be allowed to be cached at least until the content changes. Otherwise the session identifier is easily lost.

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This is Gecko backend code. SeaMonkey doesn't handle cookies.

Could you try it with Firefox. If it works there I would be astonished. If not best to raise a bug against core in

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