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In SeaMonkey 2.49.2 I'm having problems migrating large messages from local folders (in a POP3 inbox) to my Gmail inbox using IMAP.

For messages that are larger than about 5-8 Mbyte I get (Swedish) "Tiden gick ut för anslutning till server" which I would translate to "Connection to timed out.". For a meesage that's about 20 Mbyte, I can see a progress bar, but it stops at about 70 % and sits there for a while. Then it falls back to about 30 % and starts progressing again, but stops at 70 % once more. After another delay, I get the message. My guess is that at about 70 % something times out, and after an additional delay SeaMonkey decides something went wrong and retries. Second time this happens SeaMonkey gives up and displays the error.

I've found numerous bug reports for Thunderbird regarding timeout problems for various IMAP operations, but all seem to be either fixed or concern other use cases, and most are very old.

I have not confirmed the issue in Thunderbird.

Any settings apart from mail.server.serverN.timeout and mailnews.tcptimeout that I could try? I've tried raising these to ten minutes (599 and 600 seconds respectively) but fail to see any effect.

Should I report this as a bug, and if so, where? I didn't find a bug tracker for SeaMonkey, only for Thunderbird.

Any workarounds, i.e. any other way I could get those large messages into my Gmail inbox?

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