Hardware Acceleration - G-Sync - gives choppy mouse

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I set up a new PC System Nvidia 1080 and G-Sync screen.
In Seamonkey (latest build) the mouse curser moves verry choppy, depending if cklicke don Seamonkey window or task bare.
Disabeling hardware acceleration in Seamonkey solves this.

by tetsing the new GPU I activated G-Sync notofication in the Nvidia driver.
Every time G-Sync is running you get an G-Sync icon. Well, G-Synic is designed to run in 3D applications.
Starting one and the Symbol pops up.

By testing SeamMonkey again I enabeled hardware acceleration again, and voila, G-Sync pops up!
So hardware acceleration is activating the G-Sync connetcion and this should not happen in 2D mode!
In all other browsers, like Firefox (hardware acceleration enabled in Firefox) and edge, IE, its normal.

Disabeling G-Sync in the Nvidia driver also solves this but is no solution.

So please check this.


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Duplicate, locking. Continue the discussion here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3044460
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