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I have just installed SeaMonkey and am very impressed with it. That is, until I tried to login to my email account. Whilst I am able to retrieve emails from through the email client using my password, I am unable to do so when I login through as it will keep saying that the password I entered in incorrect. This problem only exist in SeaMonkey as I am able to login using both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Has anyone encountered this problem? If so, I would be most grateful if he/she could share his/her solution with me. Many thanks, in advance.


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"We're sorry. You seem to be using an unsupported browser.

Gawab webmail 3.0 is still experimental and only a few browsers are supported. Currently, the following browsers are known to work:

* Firefox 1.0 and later
* Mozilla 1.7 and later
* Internet Explorer 6 and later

We're working on supporting other browsers as well, but in the meantime we recommend using Firefox 1.5." ... s&address=

So it looks to be a useragent gotcha.
Changing the UA to "look" like FF allows the site to work. (In addition, you need to have JavaScript enabled, & possibly adblock disabled.)

In about:config changing the preference item general.useragent.extra.seamonkey to Firefox/2.0 SeaMonkey/1.1.9 should get you working. (Other methods of spoofing the UA are posted in these forums.)
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