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Post Posted April 15th, 2018, 3:08 pm

A couple of the bugs I've been monitoring for a while have been marked "fixed" in the past week or so but there hasn't been a new nightly trunk build for 2.57 or 2.58 in about a month. Is there a new problem with nightlies or an ETA when they might resume?

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The last macOS builder is on the way to the graveyard (this also holds up 2.49.3 right now).
Mozilla switched Linux compilers to 6.4 recently and also updated Windows to VS2017 15.6.0
We are building a new independet infrastructure but it won't be ready for a few months. We already have a new OSX builder but its needs to be configured.

2.58 is a basket case right now. Just documenting what needs to be done for later and just see that it is building. 2.57 browser is halfway usable and as this is to become the next release we are concentrating on this one.

You can pick beta builds with a few additional fixes from:

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