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Post Posted July 18th, 2020, 8:14 pm

As of the unofficial x64 build for Windows build from 2 days ago, when I go to close down my SeaMonkey browser window with the brutal "Close the whole app/X" button in Windows, I am now not being given the option to save everything - it just wants me to know that it is going to close all tabs, and to make sure I am OK with that?

What happened to the previous behavior? It was so convenient, now I am forced to manually create a new bookmark folder and save everything manually?

I see no mention of this here, and I haven't found anything under the about:config prefs that appears to address this... is this behavior gone for good? Was someone offended by it or ?

For those that noticed my previous post about the browser possibly "losing" my tabs (which ultimately could have been user error), this is not the same! In the good old days (a week ago?), the standard behavior was to offer to save everything, with the option defaulting to YES. Now, it is not even offering me the choice... sniff.

UPDATE: this is actually way more troublesome than I first thought... with being forced to go the "old school" route and explicitly "Bookmark This Group of Tabs", you also lose all the saved state, which allowed everything to reload quite quickly, without the [many] other tabs not really "hurting" until you go and try to look at them, and then still a fairly short lag to bring them up the first time.

Now, the experience is ugly and SLOW - and leaves you with mostly a lot of timed-out tabs... both of the explicit "This site timed out, do you want to try again" variety, as well as at least half of the poor things just looking blank, nothing there at all, but at least the address bar still has its contents, so you can manually force it to attempt loading that page [again].

I am thinking the difference between cleanly put-to-bed tabs with at least some state info is WAY easier and cleaner and quicker to load up... but when it knows nothing about these at all except the URLs, it tries to do load operations on everything in parallel as soon as you say to "restore all in tabs" from the bookmark folder - and fails pretty miserably. :(

UPDATE 2: well, it looks like this has already been fixed. :) After laboriously nursing all of my tabs back to some kind of consistent semi-loaded state, with today's unofficial build (20200718), SeaMonkey is now back to offering to save everything again! I assume someone noticed and already fixed it... but really, I was not mistaken, it was actually offering a different and unfriendly dialog at shutdown, not to mention the actual behavior of not saving the tabs.

But all looks normal again, so thanks [to presumably frg?]!

Can someone offer some suggested / sample queries to run on BugZilla (I already have a long-standing account) that would show things like recent checkins that at least may have gone into these unofficial builds, as well as perhaps another query for recently reported breakages? On this last, I could actually help, as I at least used to have the "Confirm this bug as real" privilege in BugZilla, and would be happy to look at some of these and confirm or comment...


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Post Posted July 19th, 2020, 5:27 am

Moving this to SeaMonkey Builds...
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Post Posted July 19th, 2020, 5:29 am

> But all looks normal again, so thanks [to presumably frg?]!

Didn't do a thing. Light summer flu and not doing much. A few backports but completly unrelated to this code. If you have problems with todays build I would understand because one bug needed some refactoring and I am not a core developer :)

Best to check the error console first if you run into things like these.

Recently changed SeaMonkey bugs (does not include mailnews): ... =SeaMonkey

Given the fact that we do regular mozilla code backports which do not show up in the corresponding bugs you can check Bills repo for new ones: ... s/?C=M;O=D

Or I can give you read only access to the patch queue where they come from. In this case you need to register with gitlab and send me the account name.


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Post Posted July 19th, 2020, 5:33 am

Btw this is a function I use daily and I would notice immediately if it breaks. I had a problem a few days ago when I had the add-on manager open and updated uBlock. Lost the sessionstore and saw a security error in the log. Unable to reproduce.


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Post Posted July 19th, 2020, 7:57 am

(I'm still on 7-8. Believe there's only been 2, maybe 3, later builds.
Not seeing anything unusual on my end.
Changes, at least what I go by, are in the ...release patches links on the builds page.)
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Post Posted July 19th, 2020, 11:00 am

Thanks, Limpet, the "Builds" sub-forum (or whatever we call these) is usually my go-to, I thought I would change it up... I won't make that mistake again. ;)

F-r, thanks for looking, this was just so weird - no visible errors, just a totally different dialog popping up when I went to do the close... and after my "scare" when I thought the sessionstore was getting lost, you can be sure *I* made sure what I was seeing (lots of times with that build). But, yes, my bad, I keep getting reminded to look at the error console, even if there is no sign of an "error" other than changed behavior.

Thanks for the query and pointer - already wading through BugZilla (and mapping the patches Bill is using back to BugZilla - always nicer to see the context surrounding a patch. ;) )

Speaking of using things daily, ever since you ported(?) the change to "Close Tabs to the Right" - I use that all the time - it is a really sweet way to get rid of that handful of tabs from the mini-investigation you just did without having to walk into each one just to close it.

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Post Posted July 19th, 2020, 4:08 pm

> Speaking of using things daily, ever since you ported(?) the change to "Close Tabs to the Right"

The credit goes to IanN. Stuck in porting and other work lately. Not much time to actually enhance SeaMonkey with some bigger things.


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