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Post Posted August 28th, 2020, 12:25 pm

4td8s wrote:
Peter Creasey wrote:So, is there a particular version of Noscript for SeaMonkey? And is there a particular install sequence so that Noscript becomes incorporated into SeaMonkey?

the only version of Noscript that works with on SM 2.49.x & 2.53.x is v5.1.9 (aka. Noscript Classic), which was released almost 2 years ago listed on this Noscript page

frg wrote:
Uninstall Flash too. Piece of junk.

speaking of Flash, that will be put out of its misery by the end of year 2020 as Adobe will drop all support for it, frg
and I hope there's an SM 2.57 version being developed that has some Webextension support by then (try to pick up the pace for this one).
by this autumn/fall season, I may be ditching the SM 2.53.x versions for good and will use the unofficial SM 2.57.x versions on all my PCs


If SM 2.57 is good enough to use by the end of the year, the one thing I hope most for is an updated list of extensions that actually work with it. Right now, you have to look around to see if you should use this new version or that old one for SM. Just sayin'

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Post Posted August 28th, 2020, 12:52 pm

4td8s wrote:frg and I hope there's an SM 2.57 version being developed that has some Webextension support by then

Yeah, you sure about that?

frg wrote:So don't expect fast support for web extensions.

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Post Posted August 29th, 2020, 3:50 pm

> Yeah, you sure about that?

2.57 will not be released without webext support. No point with basically 90% of existing add-ons broken in 60 and up. Without a working ad- and scriptblocker it will be useless not only for me.

As for the timeframe...

In the meantime we interrupt and entertain you with frequent 2.53.x releases adding fixes asnd new features as dev time permits.


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