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Post Posted November 14th, 2017, 5:04 pm

If surf using FF in Sandboxie. I believe it'll take a few days before SB has a new version that will work w/Quantum. I don't read of any built-in sandboxing in Quantum. Did I miss that? If there is, I think I'd trust Quantum alone, vs. reading up on mid-level, parent level and that type of overlapping issues stuff.

Also, I recently started using uBlock and it's great. I imagine I won't need it for Quantum. Would anyone think there's a need to use uBlock w/Quantum? Or would they work well together?

Those are the only issues I see w/Quantum. I don't need any other plugins. Only thing that worries me is continued use of damned Flash but I won't think about it after tomorrow and Quantum.



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what is exactly your problem?
firefox+uBo is working properly* in sandboxie.

please visit the sandboxie-forum for issues with sandboxie, there is nothing** we can do for your.

* maybe you have to change firefox sandbox-level -> to read the sb-forum, has been resolved.
**clear sandbox content

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